SIS! This Challenge Is Limited To 60 ladies. Do NOT drag your feet!
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You were born dope. Now let's take it up a notch this summer. Live in the confident, healthy version of you. Lit AND FREE.
This is your chance to change the story for how your summer will go, what you will wear, and how you will feel sis.
"The Secret of Getting the Best Results for Your Small Business Is Joining the Inner Circle."
Russell Brunson
Ready to be LIT AF this summer?
This is your sign. it's time sis.
I know that you are tired of all the diets, programs, ‘skinny in 5 days’, pill and tea schemes that are taking the world by STORM. There is a better, more sustainable way to drop the weight sis. You can save some time so that you can eat your wings with a glass of wine on a Friday night. It IS possible.

So, What Do You Get For 21 Days?

Nutrition Reloaded

I know it can be difficult to know what to eat, when to eat, and just where to begin when it comes to a healthier lifestyle. I'm going to break it down in a simple way so that you drop the weight, without getting rid of all the fun. Meal plan, grocery list, meal prep guide, and the formula for success.


You will be added into my app, where you will get customized workouts you can do right from your home, no gym required. The It will allow me to track your progress, speak with you directly, while making sure you get an effective workout in without taking all day.


Ever wonder how moms with toddlers have time for things like this? Not only am I going to work on why you need to MAKE time for yourself, but how to become accustomed to doing it on auto-pilot

Self Love

It's been a pretty hectic year already, to say the least. Let's learn how to love the skin we're in, while on the journey, make time for what matters to our soul, and become more aligned with our inner light.

Live Coaching

In depth live training will happen once a week, on top of you having access to me throughout the week with any questions or concerns


Not only will I be keeping you accountable, but you will also have a newfound community of women on the same journey as you, ready to motivate, cheer, and encourage you on to victory.
It's LIT!
check out these leveled up and lit women
What Could 21 Days Do For You?
Now Is Definitely The Time Sis.
I know that with lock down happening all around the world, eating, working out, and just taking the necessary time for yourself seems like it would have been a given, it hasn't been for many. But, summer is almost here, and you still have time to get LIT AF so that you can be more confident than ever, for the rest of your LIFE.
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